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9/23/2023 3:27:58 PM

Mega Grille Restaurant
About Us

The husband and wife duo of Sam & Sofia were born in Iran. Both developed a passion for flavor, and fell in love with the culinary arts. This passion eventually led them to Copenhagen, Denmark where they opened their first restaurant, the first Mega Pizza & Grille in 1999. In 2004, Sam and Sofia graduated from culinary school, officially becoming chefs.

The team decided to move to Los Angeles, where they opened the first Mega pizza & Grille. They have since moved their store from Los Angeles to our current location in Culver City.

It is our belief that by taking the best flavors of Persian cuisine, Scandinavian-style flavors, and Sofia's commitment to only serving hand-made food of the highest quality, we have created something special. We hope that you may all enjoy the fruits of their labor in every meal.

We Love Our Guests!

We thank you for dining at our establishment. Our goal is always to provide top-notch service, food, and experiences for every guest.

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Mixtures of flavors, finesse, mastery. And lovely service. Don't hesitate to check us up

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We know how important and extremely cautious the events cuisines matters to a host.That is why we make sure we serve the best of cuisine to the guests, so that you can take care of other clutters and let the food experts take care of your catering part we got you covered,check out of the menu for more insights.

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